Napa Valley Fine Boutique Wines

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherford (Red Label)


This 2014 vintage is produced with precise hand-crafting in the Bordeaux style with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon that reflects longer time to develop fuller phenolics yet maintain acid balance on the vine due to its unusual row orientation and shading in a typically hotter AVA for Napa Valley Cabernet.  The result is breathtaking, bringing traditional phenolics from micro-climate and balancing them naturally with the unique cooler micro-site's ability to maintain natural acidity and longer time on the vine vs. many neighboring blocks.

Rich, age-worthy 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with the classic full bodied, generous Rutherford Dust style.  Ample layers of bright cassis, succulent black fruits, layered with hints of mocha, tobacco, sweet vanilla whiskey, leather and warm toasted spices.  Smooth tannins round out this bold, structured, balanced wine with a remarkably long, complex finish.  Stylish, classic collector's Rutherford Cabernet that can be enjoyed now and will age like a dream.